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Exponential Growth with Natural Hair Salon, Beleza Natural

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Embracing the Beleza Way

When I was younger, I would associate Brazilian with straight, silky hair. For as long as I can remember, smoothing out my kinks required a Brazilian blowout. Because of these experiences that I had with straightening my hair, I thought that people in Brazil prioritized straightening their hair over other styles. Beleza Natural has proven me wrong.

I also assumed that the majority of Brazilian people had straight hair. I was a young girl that had been misled, but I’m sure that many other people believed the same stereotype. So, when I heard about Beleza Natural, I was happy to see a salon willing and wanting to cater to natural hair. Despite how much I believed in the stereotype, many Brazilian people, including the co-founder of Leila Velez, have curly and kinky hair.

Not only do they, like many of us, have this hair texture, but they also have no desire to get rid of it. Beleza Natural encourages those with kinky hair to embrace their roots and care of their hair the natural way. Beleza Natural is a unique salon that caters to their community. If you’re a hair salon owner, check out why and how Beleza salons have grown exponentially in the last years.

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What is Beleza Natural?

Beleza Natural is a salon that began with two women3, Heloisa “Zica” Assis and Leila Velez. One of them was previously a maid, while another was running a Mcdonald’s by 16. Initially, Zica was using her spare time to study hairdressing techniques. She was also trying to invent a better way to relax hair for Afro-Brazilians who wanted to tame their natural styles. She tried to find a more natural approach that wouldn’t damage natural curl patterns.

For ten years, Zica worked tirelessly to come up with a formula using raw materials and ingredients. In the meantime, Velez and her Zica’s brother Rogério searched for a way to provide the services. Eventually, the perfect formulas were created when an angel investor came into the picture. The three of them together worked to develop what is now the largest chain of Brazilian salons.

However, despite there being many Beleza Natural locations, these salons are far from traditional. They implement many actions that defy the odds. They look at every customer and customize their services to fit their needs. Each person experiences a unique service that provides them with everything they need.

Let’s get into what exactly they do!

What Does Beleza Do?

We’re aware that Beleza is a unique chain of salons, but why? Well, not only do they prioritize and personalize client care, they give back to the communities they serve. Beleza Natural is so successful because they cater to those that benefit from their services. When they started making money, they didn’t turn their backs on their community.

Instead, they employed about 70% of their customers, providing them with employment that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Every aspect of Beleza Natural, from the salon chairs to their recycled water, is curated to provide and serve their communities.

When clients come to the Beleza Natural salons, they are given an experience.

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The Beleza Natural Process

First, it begins with a private consultation that examines the quadrants of your head. An expert looks at your scalp, and tresses and determines the best route to take to make you, the client, happy. Then, the client is shown the potential styles they can choose from based on what they desire. The client then decides what they want while working closely with their consultant.

Even in the beginning, the process is very personalized. After choosing their styles, the client goes to the styling room where another consultant provides tips on how to take care of their hair in between visits.

For example, if you’re getting a shorter hairstyle, you’re going to need to know how to care for your hair.

Catering To Their Clients

At Beleza Natural, not only are they doing your hair, they are showing you how to care for it and do it before your next visit to the salon. Then, the client gets styled and is taken to the register. The looks they choose are engineered to last about thirty days.

There are also certain products given to the clients to ensure that their hair is looking and feeling amazing while they are away.

Also, the products they sell are co-created with the clients. Clients have a say in what kind of products are being used for their hair. Isn’t that cool? In all my days of visiting hair salons, I’ve never experienced a company that values client opinion so much.

Beleza is doing something right since they’ve been able to open hundreds of locations all over Brazil. They even have some in the U.S.

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Do you want a Be More Like Them?

Hair salon owners can learn something from Beleza Natural. Of course, it’s essential to be unique to your brand message. However, the general sense of community is something salon owners should take note of.

Anyone that owns a business should be willing to cater and give back to the communities they wish to serve. For example, Beleza Natural knows that their services are expensive for someone of lower-middle-class status.

However, that doesn’t stop them from offering free services to some lucky winners in the community. As a salon owner, community engagement is essential. Think about ways that you incorporate members of the community without it being expensive. Try hosting an event where some free goodies are given away!

Look Into It!

Beleza Natural is a salon that is defying the odds. If you haven’t heard of them, look them up and see how they’re redefining the hair industry by focusing on kinky and natural hair.

They have taken over Brazil by storm by showing people that kinky and curly hair is fantastic and worth accepting.

They cater to all their clients, and they make the experience so personable that you think it’s family. Don’t be afraid to look into them and see what you can do to grow your hair salon business.

About Simi Muhumuza

Simi is an undergraduate student at GSU. She is studying psychology, and is an avid black mental health advocate. She is also a poet, and is working on a book that will be released next year. She DJ’s on her spare time, and can be reached on all social outlets as @simimoonlight.

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13 thoughts on “Exponential Growth with Natural Hair Salon, Beleza Natural

  1. Berlineda Boucher says:

    0/50 ratings

    Very nice blog. I thought the same thing too.. I always picture Brazilian with long straight hair and big butt LOL. I have natural hair myself I am really struggling to find styles, but I LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR… LOL.

  2. Chelsy davis says:

    0/50 ratings

    I love the natural hair I am also natural and I have 4c hair and it is always hard for me to find a style the fits for my hair.

  3. Britany Bell says:

    0/50 ratings

    I am not natural at all lol….but the products seem like they would work just fine. I also have never seen them in the stores that I shop at. If I ever go natural then I’ll be sure to check them out!

  4. Stacy- Ann Francis says:

    0/50 ratings

    This is really good, most times when I post on social media about hair extensions people hit me back with the ” I am natural, I don’t wear extensions” line. lol. My response is usually that most people are natural under their wigs, so I try to promote a lot of hair growth and healthy hair tips for safeguarding your natural hair under all the extensions/ wigs. There is such a misconception about people that wear hair extensions, you can love your kink and still wear Brazilian straight.

  5. Rayvynne Rebelle says:

    0/50 ratings

    This was a great post! I love the fact that the client and business take part in the creation of the client’s product. That really sets them apart from many salons.
    Afro-textured and curly hair is very delicate and needs more love and care compared to other textures.

    I love the fact that they examine the scalp, as having scalp issues can cause baldness, thinning and slow growth.

    It would be wonderful to add some of their shampoos and conditioners as products to sell.

  6. Charlene fair says:

    0/50 ratings

    This blog was very informative and I learned that Brazilian hair is not just one type of hair, they also have kinky curly hair. I love that they give back to the community and also make each visit personalized. I am natural and it is very hard work, but I love it.

  7. Sherray Lin says:

    0/50 ratings

    I’ve been natural for 12 years. I wish this salon was around back when I first went natural. I loved that they educate you on how to style and care for natural hair. I would love to try some of their products one day.

  8. Shashawna says:

    0/50 ratings

    I was one of the many that didn’t know much about Afro latinas. So to see a salon catering to that demographic is amazing. I also applaud them for offering ways for people with strict budgets to get services.

  9. Nishell Hampton says:

    0/50 ratings

    Although I am not natural, I do applaud those who are. I can’t figure out what type of hair I have and have been struggling to figure this out. The one thing that I love about this blog is that Beleza Natural is all about their community. Beleza Natural understands that without the community support they would not be possible.

  10. Cameasha muhammad says:

    0/50 ratings

    This is amazing to cater to and show omen of color how to work with their natural coils as this is so very important for women and young girls to know that you don’t have to straighten your hair and that tour natural hair is beautiful. Also to care for the natural hair as to not lose the natural curl pattern as so many have when perming their hair as children.

  11. Tamika says:

    0/50 ratings

    This a very interesting post. I’ve been natural for about 8 years now, and wish there were more salons of this caliber. I myself also grew up with the misconception that Brazilian hair was straight and silky. When in all actuality most have kinky/curly hair.

    I love that they cater to each client individually since nobody’s hair is the same. There are so many factors in taking care of natural hair. For someone just starting out natural this salon is definitely a Godsend. Kudos!

  12. Shonte Perry says:

    0/50 ratings

    All of these great articles on being natural is very infusing has me considering the journey.

  13. Ashantee says:

    0/50 ratings

    This is amazing! I have been natural for about 3 years and I’ve never seen a salon that actually caters to natural hair. When I first started my journey, I was so confused about HOW to do it. Not many people were into the natural trend but is a nice change to see something that was once looked down on becoming normalized. I can’t wait until there is a natural hair salon near me.

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